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Nominate for the RISE Awards, hosted by the Newcomer Centre, a celebration of newcomers’ and immigrants’ remarkable achievements in Edmonton, highlighting resilience, diversity, and excellence. Join us in honouring their contributions across various fields, reflecting our collective journey towards a more inclusive future.

Nominations are open until April 30, 2024!!

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In the Business or Organization category, nominees:

  • Must be a non-government organization or business
  • Must have an affinity and focus on immigrants, refugees and newcomers to our city
  • Can only be eligible for one category
  • Cannot self-nominate
  • Cannot have previously received the same award.
  • Must agree to the nomination



– Must be born outside of Canada

– No self-nominations

– Cannot be a previous recipient of the same award

– Nominee must agree to the nomination


The Equity in Action Award recognizes organizations or businesses that foster a fully inclusive workplace where all employees have equal access to opportunities, resources, and benefits, achieved through concrete policies and practices promoting diversity, fairness, and equal representation.

The Intercultural Community Impact Award honours a business or organization that has actively fostered inclusive communities, promoting respect for cultural diversity and preserving heritage. Recognizing efforts to cultivate intercultural understanding and inclusivity, it celebrates those who embrace and promote warmth and inclusiveness.

The LGBTQIA+ Equity Award recognizes businesses or organizations that have shown exceptional leadership and advocacy for equal rights and well-being of the LGBTQIA+ community in Edmonton, inspiring others to join the fight for equality. Finalists may have championed equal rights, raised awareness of LGBTQIA+ issues, developed inclusive policies, or supported those facing discrimination or violence.


The LGBTQIA+ Equity Award celebrates an individual or group who has shown outstanding leadership and advocacy for equal rights and well-being of the LGBTQIA+ community in Edmonton, inspiring others to join the fight for equality. Recipients may have championed for rights, raised awareness on LGBTQIA+ issues, contributed to policy development, or created safe spaces for those facing discrimination.

The Woman of the Year Award celebrates immigrant women who have made exceptional contributions to their community while overcoming significant challenges related to immigration and integration. Recognizing their strength, resilience, and achievements, this award aims to inspire others to follow their example and make a positive impact in their own lives and communities.

The Rising Star Award honours immigrant youth aged 13-25 who have exhibited exceptional talent, resilience, and leadership potential across various fields, while also overcoming adversity and making a positive impact in their community. Recognizing their excellence, commitment to social justice, and cultural appreciation, this award aims to inspire others to emulate their achievements.

The Artist of the Year Award celebrates immigrant artists across all forms of creative expression, recognizing their contributions to Edmonton’s cultural landscape. Nominees are evaluated based on the innovation, impact, originality, and advocacy demonstrated in their body of work, emphasizing their unique voice and commitment to promoting diversity and inclusion in the arts.

The Community Champion Award recognizes individuals or groups for their exceptional leadership, collaboration, advocacy, and innovation in improving newcomer equity and well-being, showcasing their significant positive impact, leadership skills, innovative approaches, collaborative efforts, and commitment to inclusivity and equity.

The Lifetime Achievement Award honours and individual who, after immigrating to Edmonton, have made exceptional and enduring contributions, fostering inclusive, equitable communities. Criteria include significant impact, lifelong dedication, leadership, sustained excellence, and recognition from peers, celebrating recipients’ profound collective and enduring influence over at least a decade.


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