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Since 1981, Newcomer Centre has been supporting all newcomers to Edmonton and helping them thrive in Canada. Newcomer Centre offers immigrants and refugees welcoming spaces to learn and connect with people, services, and resources they need to integrate and prosper in the community.

Newcomer Centre’s programs and services can help newcomers, especially those most affected by the crisis, increase their employment and language skills needed to re-enter the job market, change their career paths, or find the safety gear or training to access a new job. In addition, these programs and services empower newcomers to become part of vibrant, safe and healthy communities.

Emcn monthly hero

As a monthly hero your recurring gift helps us commit to supporting newcomers through our programs at the Edmonton Mennonite Centre for Newcomers (Newcomer Centre). Join us in making a lasting impact on the lives of those seeking a new home in Canada. Together, we can build a community of compassion and support. 

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Become a Monthly Hero Today by giving every month. You will receive:

  • Regular updates on the impact of your gifts through our impact report. 
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  • Invitations to Newcomer Centre events  
  • Recognition in our Community Report. 
  • Our sincere gratitude for becoming a very important member of Newcomer Centre family.

Edmonton Mennonite Centre for Newcomers Renames Learning Centre the Gupta Newcomer Resource Centre after Rohit Group Makes Significant Donation

Newcomer Centre would like to thank the Gupta family, the founders of Rohit Group and the Rohit Group of Companies. This gift is a stabilization investment to reinforce Newcomer Centre’s focus on delivering much-needed frontline services to newcomers and managing the influx of refugees and newcomers to Edmonton, including the past year supporting arrivals fleeing the war in Ukraine.