English for Seniors

What is English for seniors

Our Senior’s English classes prioritize socialization.
  • They are relaxed and conversational.
  • You can expect homework but there will never be any tests.
  • Practice reading, writing, listening and speaking.
  • Topics are chosen by the students so they are relevant and interesting.
  • Learn about services and activities around Edmonton.

How does it work?

Senior’s classes run throughout the year at various locations around Edmonton. We also have zoom classes and telephone classes. When not in class, learners can connect with an Newcomer Centre Community Connector for assistance to access community resources, programs and services throughout Edmonton.

Is the program for me?

  • English classes for seniors aged 55+. 
  • Residency status is not considered
  • Best suited for beginner and low-intermediate learners.


  1. We try to respond within two weeks to everyone who has completed the test and form.


  1. Call Brent at 780-399-0169
  2. Call reception at 780-945-2295
  3. Email: bpancheshen@newcomercentre.com