Settlement Information Orientation

Finding your way in a new country and a new city can be a challenge no matter what your background or age. Newcomer Centre can help you to access community resources and navigate complex systems so that you can gain access to the resources you need. Our services range from basic information on community activities to well-being services to help you cope in tough times. All of our services are free and confidential.

Here are the ways Newcomer Centre can support you as you get settled in your new community:

  1. Our Settlement Services provide information, orientation and supported referrals tailored to your specific needs, and are available in multiple languages.
  2. Personalized needs assessments are conducted to identify needs, barriers, and strengths.
  3. We create personalized settlement plans and goals based on the initial needs assessment with short and long term goals.

Newcomer Centre also provides one-on-one supports to inform and guide newcomer families in accessing resources and services such as:

  1. Affordable and subsidized housing, income support and financial services
  2. Legal aid and health care
  3. Understanding government forms and documents
  4. Affordable transportation and recreation services
  5. Connection to community services

To help orient newcomers, Newcomer Centre offers group information sessions on various topics including:

  1. General overview of Canada and its history
  2. Local and national sources of information in 15 other settlement areas, including:
    1. Rights & Freedoms;
    2. Education;
    3. Transportation;
    4. Housing;
    5. Becoming a Canadian citizen.

Settlement Orientation Services are offered at the following locations

  • Newcomer Centre Central 10170 112 Street NW 780-424-7709
  • Newcomer Centre Northeast – 11713 – 82 Street NW – 780 424 7709
  • Welcome Centre for Immigrants – Suite 200, Tower II, Millbourne Mall, 7609 38 Ave Millwoods Road NW – 780 462 6924