Newcomer Centre Refugee Donation Centre

Important notice: TEMPORARY Closure of the Newcomer Centre Refugee Donation Center


       Dalia: 780-902-2875

Dear Supporters and Volunteers,

As of September 13, 2023, the Newcomer Centre Refugee Donation Center is temporarily closed and will be relocated. 

The Donation Center and the C5 Community Market have become essential services in the community, offering assistance to countless community members. Your generosity and commitment to making a difference in the lives of those struggling with food security and settling in our city are truly inspiring.

We are looking for a new home during this temporary closure and evaluate our operational capabilities. Regrettably, we cannot receive any physical items or goods for the time being; however, we warmly welcome financial contributions to support our cause. Rest assured, we remain deeply committed to our mission and look forward to reopening our doors as soon as possible. 

We appreciate your continued support and understanding during these challenging times. Together, we can overcome this obstacle and continue positively impacting the lives of people in need.

Please stay tuned for updates on our website and social media channels. Your generosity and compassion make a world of difference.

Thank you for your unwavering support.


Newcomer Centre

Background – Newcomer Centre Refugee Donation Centre

  • In response to the closure of the Edmonton Emergency Relief Services Society (EERSS) in August 2021, Newcomer Centre started a donation centre at our 82 Street location that was only open only to refugees and newcomers, most of whom are directly referred from other support agencies. 
  • The EERSS closure left a huge service gap for the most vulnerable in our community. As refugees arrive in the city, they will have to dip into their very small resettlement allowance for these items, or in many instances, simply go without, unless they access a donation centre dedicated to this purpose. It is not only the material goods that are needed; it is also an essential touchpoint for refugees to access other essential supports.
  • Arrivals from Ukraine are not provided a refugee allowance, as they are arriving under the Canada-Ukraine Authorization for Emergency Travel (CUAET) program and are not designated as refugees. They will only have access to some limited settlement supports, therefore Newcomer Centre’s Refugee Donation Centre is one of the few community supports fully available to arrivals from Ukraine.

  • While they shop at Newcomer Centre’s Refugee Donation Centre, refugees are served by trained Newcomer Centre Settlement Counselors who provide additional wraparound supports for the refugee family and helps make connections for the family to get their lives established in our community. This accelerates settlement and relationship building here in Edmonton so that individuals and families are able to become self-sufficient and independent as quickly as possible. Some of these supports include finding a place to live, learning English, accessing affordable childcare, mental health services, opportunities for youth, and so much more.

  • Our long-term vision for the Newcomer Centre Refugee Donation Centre is to work with our C5 partners and other organizations to build a sustainable community resource available for any person or family in need of a ‘new start’ to find the life and household essentials they need, paired with one-to-one service that connects them to holistic, wraparound supports for housing, childcare, training, employment and community connections that sets them on the path for lasting security and success.

Newcomer Centre Central Office