Programs for Children / Youth

EMCN Programs for Children / Youth

Find the right program for you and your family. EMCN offers a variety of programs to help Newcomers find work, learn English and get involved in their communities. Contact us if you have any questions. 

Global Girls

Global Girls is a safe space for young women to make new connections, build their self-confidence, and explore their identities.

  • An empowering place to feel like they belong
  • Connections to peers and role models who share similar experiences
  • Opportunities to try fun activities and learn from each other

LEAP - Leadership Engagement Activities program

LEAP is a newcomer youth leadership program for them to gain leadership skills and civic experiences through volunteering, and to increase their community and personal networks, and develop friendships. It is these skills and experiences that exposes them to become leaders and also be partly prepared for any employment opportunities through the Canadian workplace experience they have gained.

S.K.Y. Club

The Support for Kids and Youth (S.K.Y.) Club is a mentorship program that supports elementary, junior high and senior high students with their academic work and other school needs. This program supports the newcomer participants to develop networks, friendships, confidence/ self-esteem and learn social skills that are necessary for functioning with peers.

Safe Families

The Safe Families program enhances settlement and integration in to the Canadian society by understanding the values that will allow one to meet the expectations of settling and integrating smoothly. It is a program for newcomer men and boys. It focuses on sharing conversations and knowledge about healthy relationships and preventing domestic violence.

Therapeutic & Counselling services

Because of the upheaval that comes with moving to and settling in a new country, newcomers bring challenges that make them vulnerable to high stress, isolation, role shifts, and financial difficulties that can result in marital strife and high rates of parent-child conflict. Newcomers sometimes bring with them trauma related to war, conflict and deprivation which often results in symptoms of PTSD, depression or anxiety, limiting their abilities to successfully integrate. Difficulties of acculturation and expectations for themselves and their families back home also result symptoms of depression and anxiety.

EMCN offers therapeutic and counselling services with a unique, holistic and community-oriented approach.