Settlement for Adults

Newcomer Centre Settlement for Adults

Find the right program for you and your family. Newcomer Centre offers a variety of programs to help Newcomers find work, learn English and get involved in their communities. Contact us if you have any questions. 

Settlement Information Orientation

Finding your way in a new country and a new city can be a challenge no matter what your background or age. Newcomer Centre can help you to access community resources and navigate complex systems so that you can gain access to the resources you need. Our services range from basic information on community activities to well-being services to help you cope in tough times. All of our services are free and confidential.

Case Management

A newcomer family or individual typically works with a complex-case worker for weeks or months to collaboratively develop an action plan aimed at reducing identified settlement and integration barriers. With the support of the complex-case worker, the client will take manageable steps towards addressing those barriers. In some cases, a team-based wraparound process is used.

enhanced Settlement Workers in Schools (ESWIS)

One of the first steps taken by newcomer families is to enroll their children in school. Children are then faced with unique integration challenges: they need to make new friends, learn English, and understand the curriculum content that is designed for the Alberta context. 

Settlement Zonal Outreach

The Edmonton Newcomer Zonal Outreach (ENZO) Initiative connects newcomers to service providers and FREE essential resources and benefits.