Global Girls

Global Girls is a safe space for young women to make new connections, build their self-confidence, and explore their identity.

what we offer

Global Girls participants benefit from: 

  • An empowering place to feel like they belong
  • Connections to peers and role models who share similar experiences
  • Opportunities to try fun activities and learn from each other

how does the program work

Global Girls is a weekly drop-in program that alternately runs between virtual (Thursday evenings, 6-8 pm) and in-person (Saturday afternoons, approx. 12:30-3pm) sessions from October – June.  

The virtual sessions on Zoom allow participants a safe and inclusive space to share and communicate with one another while learning positive coping strategies, healthy boundaries, and life skills. The in-person sessions foster group social skills, communication, and relationship building as we do activities together at Newcomer Centre Central and in the community. 

This program is driven by participants’ interests and needs: they decide what topics they want to learn about together and what activities they want to do.  

Past activities have included: nature walk, journaling, movie nights, art/music/movement for wellbeing, cooking socials, living in two or more cultures, self-confidence and pride in yourself, career exploration day, identifying strengths & skills, sharing cultural traditions, and more! 

who can access this program

  • Young women, especially from immigrant and refugee backgrounds
  • 15 – 21 years old
  • With basic spoken English skills

how to access program