Safe Families

Since 2016, the Safe Families program supports smoother cultural settlement and integration into Canadian society by working with participants to understand the values, find ways to meet expectations and access community resources and tools available. 

who can access the program

Newcomer men and boys can access the Safe Families program if they are:

  • Permanent Residents of Canada
  • Canadian Citizens
  • Refugees with Positive Notice of Decision Letter

Although program is designed for newcomer men and boys, females are also eligible to participate.

Participant benefits

Program participants receive many benefits through the Safe Families program, such as:

  • Mentoring and one-on-one coaching from experienced professionals.
  • Access to a supportive cultural network.
  • Access to resources and community agencies that can support them.
  • Improved networking skills.
  • Improved self-awareness.
  • Improved interpersonal and emotional skills, such as communication, problem-solving, empathy and conflict management skills.
  • Opportunities to build healthier relationship skills by doing activities together.
  • Tools and strategies for managing work-life balance, anger management and stress.
  • Support to boys in school for identity strengthening and academic skill development.

how the program works

Through facilitated discussions by experienced individuals and cultural connectors, newcomers learn about healthy relationships, available skills, resources and support groups to prevent and eliminate domestic violence.

  • Facilitated conversations are held on Saturdays either online or at in-person at Newcomer Centre Central location (10170 112 ST NW).
  • Topics are suggested by participants related to expectations and practices for smooth settlement and integration.

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