Therapeutic & Counselling Services

Therapeutic & Counselling Services

Because of the upheaval that comes with moving to and settling in a new country, newcomers bring challenges that make them vulnerable to high stress, isolation, role shifts, and financial difficulties that can result in marital strife and high rates of parent-child conflict. Newcomers sometimes bring with them trauma related to war, conflict and deprivation which often results in symptoms of PTSD, depression or anxiety, limiting their abilities to successfully integrate. Difficulties of acculturation and expectations for themselves and their families back home also result symptoms of depression and anxiety.

EMCN offers therapeutic and counselling services with a unique, holistic and community-oriented approach.


What we offer

Newcomers benefit from:

  • Therapeutic counselling, psychotherapy, crisis intervention, support, advocacy and social work services in a setting that is safe, welcoming and comfortable.
  • All sessions are confidential.
  • Interpretation services to assist communication during therapeutic sessions to help our clients express themselves better and feel more understood and supported in their mother tongue.
  • Counselling offered to:
    + Children and Youth
    + Couples and Individuals
    + Families
  • Tools to personally build resilience, reduce social isolation, successfully bridge cultures and help newcomers to become their best selves.
  • Techniques to better manage stress and anger.
  • No limits on the number of sessions provided.
  • Transportation support to make access to therapeutic sessions easier

How does the program work

  • To overcome barriers to accessing services, we offer therapeutic services in different Edmonton office locations and in schools and in homes (when feasible).
  • Interpretation services can also be made available.
  • We recognize that building resilience and the ability to overcome trauma and loss includes more than just traditional therapy. Our therapeutic services are embedded in the larger agency; therapists connect newcomers to social workers and other services to enhance their resilience and ability to function in their new environment.

Experienced Support

EMCN Therapeutic Services team members are:

  • Highly-trained psychologists, licensed therapists and social workers
  • Trauma-informed therapy practitioners who consider cultural perspectives, immigration processes, and gender expectations and expressions

Program Costs

  • There is no fee/cost for EMCN’s therapeutic and counselling services.
  • Generous funding by the following partners means EMCN can offer these complimentary services to newcomers that qualify.
    + Alberta Health
    + Alberta Children’s Services
    + Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship Canada (IRCC) | Immigration, Réfugiés et Citoyenneté Canada

Who Can Access These Services

  • Anyone born outside of Canada is eligible
  • Immigrants and refugees regardless of the length of stay in Canada (immigration status)
  • Children under 18 years of age of parents born outside of Canada

Where Is The Program Offered

EMCN’s therapeutic and counselling services are offered at these Edmonton locations:

  • EMCN Central – 10170 – 112 Street NW
  • EMCN Language Centre – 11713 – 82 Street NW
  • EMCN Welcome Centre for Immigrants (WCI)
    200, Tower II, Millbourne Market Mall – 7609 38 AVE NW
  • Online services are available as well.
  • NOTE: sessions are by appointment only. No walk-ins.

How to Access Services

  1. Email the EMCN Therapeutic Services Team at
  2. Call them at:
    + 780-424-7709
    + 780-695-7473
  3. Check out the brochure