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Michelle Fuko

Michelle has been in fundraising for nearly 2 decades, having worked with donors of all types: from annual fund donors to third party volunteers, principal gift donors to corporations and foundations. Whether it be in start-up non-profits in Tanzania, or complex institutions of higher learning in Canada, Michelle takes great pride in her passion for philanthropy and her drive to make a tangible impact in our communities and in the world.

Michelle is a strategic thinker with a track-record of turning vision into reality. She is an intuitive leader who identifies threads of opportunity across organizations and pulls them together to create organizational partnerships that drive results. She thinks big and inspires her colleagues to do the same. Her enthusiasm is contagious, and she uses that to create cultures of learning, innovation, and empowerment within the teams she leads.

She lives by the Dan Rockwell quote “Fitting in is unsophisticated self-sabotage, but effectively standing out requires finesse” and aspires to see the fundraising profession modernize to meet the needs of donors and the communities that are served through philanthropy.

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