Hnh Photography Melani


director of people & communications

Melani Orr is a passionate, quiet leader with a rich background in nonprofits. She is proficient in organizational development, competency framework design, conflict resolution, inclusion, equity and empowerment, and is a bit of a startup specialist. Her career is marked by transforming people, families and workplaces through strategic, peoplefocused initiatives. Melani thrives in creating environments where every individual’s unique talents can shine. Her commitment to building strong communities is driven by the belief that diverse perspectives drive innovation and meaningful contributions. Melani brings a unique blend of empathy, strategic vision, dynamic communication and accountabilities to every professional endeavour.

Beyond the office, life unfolds in moments of joy and laughter with her significant other, two sons, father, brothers, and cherished friends. Their backyard be-
comes a haven of smacktalk during spirited basketball games and a good ole Southern fish fry! Melani extends her passion to coaching youth volleyball, and
seeing the next generation develop and master the skills and the game she loves. Balancing the warmth of family and friends with the thrill of travel, she is on a constant quest for enriching adventures and meaningful connections.

Melani leads the Communications and Human Resources team.