New language centre for newcomers to open

Rat Creek Press | Jul. 1, 2019

Kate Wilson

Local organization to open a centralized facility and English language centre

The Edmonton Mennonite Centre for Newcomers (Newcomer Centre) has been a support for new Canadians for almost 40 years, and now the office and programming are moving into a bigger, more centralized facility.

“The centre has grown exponentially over the past five years,” explains Marla Welk, Newcomer Centre’s communications director. “We’re currently spread out in five locations in the city. We do have waiting times, and we need the proper space to help our clients and operate efficiently.”

Five years ago, the intake was 12,000, but it’s now ballooned to 17,000 per year. Two strategies to deal with the growth have taken shape.

One is to take programs from their three locations and put them under one roof downtown. Programs at Nova Place on 118 Avenue and at their main 82 Street location will go to the downtown building. This move will free up their main building, dedicated to English language learning. English classes at Eastwood School will also go there.


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